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I really dont want to do any bad to anyone…due to some trust issues i was reluctant to tell truth abt certain things to him but at this point i wantd to tell all the truths to him…i really luv him…but now he has trust issues wid me…i need him… I m really sry 4 my faults…i knw it is ovious to have trust issues towards me now…but i promise him i wont be like dat agsin…i said sry to him several tyms… I knw he is hurt…i shudnt have lied to him but… I feel really misersble… I m really an honest person…i dont lie to any1…i m not a lier but those wer my dark secrets…we used to fyt a lot thus i had some trust isdues wid himβ€¦πŸ˜ž

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