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I really don’t understand why most of the people just want to get into relationship just for intimacy and leave, it hurts feeling of the other person how can someone play with feeling don’t they feel guilty

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We can’t expect the world to be fair and good to us, just because we are good and fair to others.
You have to be your own anchor and be there for yourself. Everyone is going through something of their own and project those on others. I know it’s wrong but the only thing we can do to save ourselves from the pain is be strong enough to not let it affect us.

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I dont know what i want from life
Hey Hi guys,
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After spotting a falling star we make a wish. Do we judge hiRead more
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I love my boyfriend with all my heart but I decided to stay Read more
Can you all suggest books about falling out of love?

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Ahhh holi bhi khel li ..ab fir se whi boring din🥲
Okay, wow. I am so hurt. Some of you might know about my relRead more
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If suicide ever crosses your mind just know someone would rather listen to your story than attending your funeral.

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