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I really don’t understand why destiny allowed some people to meet, when there’s no way for them to be together

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kartik garg @ktboy

I guess there’s any incomplete or one side love story


They were just passer by may be its us who took them as permanent… but no, they were just passing by

Sourav @stevesen

Everyperson wr meet their thoughts, behaviour always makes an impact on your personality. They can be a friends, family the person you love to be in relationship with or the person you are in a relationship with . There’s nothing like destined to be together is always two independent people makes a decision .

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tara @nayan_009

Just remember the love of Radha Krishna
U will get all the ans for your qus

Hardik Dewan @karandewan

Nice one

Hardik Dewan @karandewan

But I think whenever a person comes in your life. Destiny has something to do with that person in your life. Maybe that person becomes your love, your life long friend, your advisor whom you can trust more than anyone else… Or maybe your partner in life too. You never know what Destiny have for you. So accept it and love it till that person is in your life. This is the most beautiful thing that you can do buddy


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