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Joy @joyforlife

I really don’t understand.
People sometimes care alot, they care even if the other one is not good. They still care if other person left them. Like you really don’t wanna get over them or you don’t want to give it a closure?

Which life would be more better?
Option A. Care for the one who is not even interested to know you care or not. Even if you die for them, they will just say it was your fate.

Option B. Care for someone even less then you did before. Even if you don’t even get anything in return but the satisfaction of being admired for the care you do.

Life is yours, choice is yours. Let me know what do you think.

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2 replies

I think option B as satisfaction matters ig in these matters, btw really nice topic as I see this very often in this app

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Joy @joyforlife

Thanks bro. This post os for those persons who can’t decide.


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