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I really don’t know what to do. I’m stuck and I’m desperate.

I’m a female, and I use an online chatroom called “Discord”, recently I have had to go through a really difficult breakup, and have been talking to an Autistic boy that lives in Georgia. We’ve know each other since before I started dating my ex, but he really wants to date me.
He’s told me that I’m the only thing keeping him alive, but he’s holding me back and making me feel trapped. I don’t know what to do or tell him. I just want to disappear, but I can’t.

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Avtar @avtar


Face the situation and take support of truth only. Nothing is greater then truth it might be create a difficult situation but it is not for longer but if you still trying to safe yourself with the blind support in that case results may be more difficult for you.

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Pawan kumar @pawanism

Hey there
Don’t worry about anything
Just sit back and feel relaxed because we are here to face your problems as well.
Be positive and make an favourable decision to your buddy. Try to cover himself through your understandings and make him sure that you are more happy then there’s.
If there’s some more problem ,I mean you are fail to understand him as well
Msg me
“Have a great life”


In my opinion, you should really consider asking him for time for you to move on from your previous relationship completely and tell him you are not into him much now. If allows you to take your time, you will gradually decide if he’s right or not but personally, I find online dating very risky and only for lust(from male’e point of view generally.) I would personally not recommend you to go for him.


If you need detailed help, feel free to message me😊.


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