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I really dont get why i alaways fall for every second person i see like im not a flirt or anything i just happen to fall in love very easily like too easily am i abnormal or is it normal???

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Pankaj Kumar @crazyguy3495

Look sometimes we r just attract towards someone and we just feel something very good and we call it love but actually love is different your emotions are not love they just indicated that you are attracted towards specific person and love is quite different it is struggle and we only fall in love of we know someone better know there flaws know there strength then still continue love them without conditions so we careful collect enough data


This happens to me also this happens because I feel alone I want someone who will take care of me. We fall for them but they don’t understand this


This happens with me too. We’re so focused on having something that we are ready to just have anyone. Our desperation to be loved does this to us.


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