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I realized at an early age that I MUST, and I WILL overcome all odds to become the greatest version of myself.
I knew I couldn’t accept my current situation as my future destination.
I always believed God had a plan for me.
And so, I kept moving.
Sometimes forward, but A LOT of times backwards.
I’ve made TONS of mistakes.
More than most could endure.
But I’ve always had a “fvck it” attitude towards it.
“It will all make sense in the end” was my inner belief.
I don’t know why,
but I’ve always been extremely curious.
It’s my superpower.
And thanks to that deep curiosity?
I’ve lived a very interesting life.
And I continue to do so every single day.

- MR

4 replies

Why are you so positive today? Don’t you feel like you might be wrong?


I feel uplifted! It can’t be wrong. It’s positive. People like you might question that how person can be so positive. But I’m focused, unmovable badS.


I also feel positive from time to time! 😫


Don’t feel. Act !


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