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No one 111 @jarul

I read somewhere that studies show putting toddlers and babies in dresses restricts their movements. So female children who are constantly put in dresses are also asked to not get their dresses dirty and look pretty. Which is basically telling them not do anything. So dress boys and girls in clothes that can get dirty and this is arguably the feminist thing to do. As someone who’s parents have suckled on the teet of mass consumerism, lemme tell you that is wrong. I was never asked to do anything and I was allowed to get as dirty as I wanted. To this day I come home with mystery stains all over my white vintage tops, I’m 22 years old and I still think like I used to when I was 5, which is “Dad will buy me a new one tomoorow” noooo. Please find that balance between never controlling your gross children and stunting their childhood.

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