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I quit my job and started a company 8 years back. I had few ups and many downs in my entrepreneurial journey. And when things don’t work, basic human tendency is to blame others and because of which I suffered mentally due to co-founder relations. When people around you trying to prove you are wrong and they are right, led to lot of insecurities in me and felt very unappreciated all the time. An year back, I decided to give a fresh start and started working various new ideas but failed to execute. To be honest, I have no confidence and focus like before when I first started the company 8 years back. Recently picked up a job which helped me with some confidence that I can achieve something. But this feeling didn’t last long. Whenever I’m on social media and talk to old friends, knowing others progress, I feel like I accepted failure in life as an entrepreneur. Now even in new workplace I’m slowly developing imposter syndrome. I feel like vanishing from this world as I don’t fit here.

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