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I previously got kicked out of a website that I go on daily: A person and her gang were bullying me, saying my friends are imaginary and saying that I wasn’t the victim. I WAS THE VICTIM. They started bullying me when I was making a book about my favourite Youtuber (PewDiePie) and judging me. They have deleted my other FOUR accounts, and I can’t do anything about it. Whenever I try to make a new account, it just says sorry registration is unavailable at this time. What do I do?

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Did you try again now? Registration works well for me as of now. As for that person, block them. There should be an option for report too. How could they delete four of your accounts if you were online? I’m sure they couldn’t make the assumption that it was you in all four of them. Try to keep personal info to yourself so they can’t know it is you for the fifth time. For now, stay strong, and ignore them.


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