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I pretend to be a tomboy & hide my feminine side because I have a bold voice may be idk & also because my feminine side is just too childish, tbh & accurate cute also dumb (i am a northeastern and I think that happens idk) and which I feel so embarrassed of everytime I show it to someone, i try hard to maintain my badass and cool character. Idk somehow I have managed to be a tomboy even if I don’t want to be i think, idk why. I want to avoid distraction which is boys but then they still distract me. WTF!
Okay Idk what i just said but like even I don’t understand what I am trying to say.
I suck at explaining things. But it’s weird.

I hate boys because they distract me and make me want to fall in love like in movies but then I don’t want to fall in love because most of them are 🚩. And m a college student whose grades are grades are already falling and if I date someone🚩🚩

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I worship girls who are actually cool like BORN cool


But then the worst part is that it is so easy to impress and convince me like why the hell am I so dumb and how and why the hell can I pretend to be a cool person but be so naive & immature at the same time🚩😭🥲
I pretend that NO thing can shake me and I am always cool but in reality everything moves me like 🤣😭




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