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I posted about my mother being admitted in the hospital yesterday. Just an update: her platelet counts are quite low, around 28K n haemoglobin levels are low as well. The doctors have put the chemo n radiations on hold. She’s still very feeble n not able to eat much as she’s throwing up all the time.

Was spreading positivity to people yesterday about how December should bring joy and happiness
to everyone but here I am, down with despair as how the month started for us.

No more energy on being positive and staying strong

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Hey, my husband was admitted last week due to dengue and his platelets had gone down to 12K. With lots of prayers and right diagnosis/treatment, he was fine within a week. Don’t lose hope and be disheartened. Believe in both medicines and prayers. Everything will be ok


Thank you, hope he is doing well atm. Sending you more power and love 💕

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Yes he is much better and on the path to total recovery. Your mom will be fine soon.

Naush @naushin3099

It’s going to be okay… take care of her and yourself … December will surely bring you strength to fight this


Thank you


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