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I once came across a woman who was 19 years old and was pregnant with a boy (she lived in the US so I guess pre natal sex determination must be legal). Her boyfriend had left her alone to deal with the child, and her parents were not at all supportive and wanted her to abort the child. But she did not want to. She wanted to raise her child on her own. It’s sad to see such a situation when parents do not support their child in such a dire circumstance of her life. Her boyfriend was irresponsible to the maximum extent, and hence, we must be careful enough to see what our actions may lead us to.

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Kudos to the lady tho , for raising( I’m assuming she went through with it) the child on her own against all odds.

No one 111 @jarul

I think the parents just thought that she has her whole life ahead of her and she shouldn’t waste it on a foetus.


I wish I had that courage, to be able to raise my child. Instead I aborted, I’m 18, and im regretting

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