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I often find nyself comparing myself to his ex, because i met him when they had broken up and he was soooo madly in loce with her like she got married and my bf literally cut his hand during that time so you can imagine, i also saw videos of him crying calling her his “rani” saying things like “hamar rani laut aao hamar nini” he used to call her nini while he never gave me a nickname. I compare myself to his ex and end up hurting so much

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anuj @anujvohra

Try to keep a distance from these things. Note down when u feel these and ensure that you are sorround yourself with good positive things. It will take some efforts and understanding on your part but once you get there. You will be better position. Try it. Regarding comparison, it’s on you, decide what’s suit you.

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Abhijeet A.K @akabhi

Talk to him directly and clear things and when he over comes from her then u be with him and if he is not coming up from her then u will be hurt and wasting ur time… And don’t compare to anyone but he should love what you are and obviously u will have some expectation like him to keep u nickname or treat u where u become happy and does what makes you happy and all… So be straightforward and keep ur things infront of him


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