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I now realized, I don’t want to be in mansion with a pool all I want a simple cabin maybe in forest, I don’t want to dress flamboyantly but dress simple and wear same clothes everyday, I don’t want many friends, many times my decision with majority and i hate the mainstream sometimes, I don’t want to use social media, I just to wake up on time and workout and improve myself and follow the same routine, I want less and be no cluttered.

Am I broken? Can anyone explain

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ken_adams @drake_ramoray


This is life!!


No you are not broken
Actually you know how the life is .
This is the best way to live life …

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Nandini @i_need_h6lp


i think you are broken. if you have all the glories that 99% population dreams to have, then instead of avoiding them/letting them go, you should learn to utilize them to full potential. it would be foolish to give up on such royalty and let it go to waste. if you think you can live life as a commoner and not be judged then you’re delusional. judgement comes from every sphere of society. even a crow can be judged if it’s not black.


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