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Lia @leelia

I never realized how traumatizing these past few years had been to me untill now that i’m finally out of it. Things like driving past my old school cause me anxiety and i always feel like i have to look away, i threw away all of my old clothes bc putting on the same coat i used to wear to classes everyday made me feel gross. I can’t look at old pictures, I can’t listen to certain songs… it’s actually painful and more than anything it just makes me feel super uncomfortable. People around me have noticed that i’ve changed a lot in less than a year, im almost i unrecognizable, idk what happens but i’m so glad that it did bc now i can finally say that everyday is better than the day before, i finally feel like i’m moving forward, even if my steps are slow they’re consistent, it feel so good to finally be myself again, im so grateful to finally be okay but idk if it’s normal or right to not want to remember those times at all, like, i can’t remember them and my brain had basically suppressed all of those horrible memories and erased all of those horrible people from my life.

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anuj @anujvohra

Good luck to you…and look within instead of feeling that you have wronged…good luck

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essss @insane_in

That part where we can’t listen to certain songs hits different pain 🙂


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