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Lia @leelia

I never realized how strong I was despite everything I went through until now, because I always thought “oh, others have it worst” I never felt like I could complain about all the things I was struggling with, but then I realized that there’s no such thing as worst, it is as bad as it effects you, the worst for you might not be the same as somebody else’s, and that’s okay we are different for many reasons, not everything is going to effect everyone the same, a situation that might not mean much to you , for somebody else it could destroy them. The life you’d die for could be the death of somebody else’s living it. I had a friend who I thought gained everything and have a perfect life after we stopped talking, she was kinda popular, had a bunch of friends, got good grades, a boyfriend. From my eyes she had it all, people liked her now that she wasn’t my friend while I was bullied and made fun of, I had no friends I was “the loser” What I was going through was as valid as what she could’ve been going through, I thought she was fine, how couldn’t she be? until a realized she had suicidal thoughts. I don’t know anything about her now. After all I was going through it never cross my mind so i couldn’t understand how could she feel like that? Then i realized i was being ungrateful, i was not thankful enough with life for giving me the strength she lacked at that moment. I had only compassion for the ones who " had it worst" why? well because as bad as it sounds we humans gain comfort from other people’s problems, that’s why I’m here. That’s what sympathy is, looking down on others to feel better about yourself. I’m working on improving that part of me but i still have my days.

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Sansthita @sansthita

More power to u! Take care. Love and hugs


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