Sejal Sharma @sejalsharma

I never had a boyfriend because I dont want to date. I love being single. Its so irritating when people keep pestering me about why do I not have a boyfriend. I dont understand why do they not get it that I am very much happy and living my best life.Why do they think that it is a necessity to have a boyfriend in college?

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Afreen @afreen

It’s completely alright to not have a boyfriend even if you are a college student .
And most important you are not dating a random guy just for the sake of your friends and peer pressure .
At the end of the day you are happy single and that’s more important,than to be in a toxic relationship.

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Mr.Vamshi Goud @vamshi23

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Harish @harish_swami

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Lekshmy S @lekshmy02

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