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Prashant @prashant

I never felt this weak. I thought i was strong enough to handle anything… I didn’t care about anybody leaving me before… but this time it hurts like this pain and the damage can never be fixed.

I feel like, how can i be so stupid to be with such a person, who will someday throw me out her life like this…

I thought she was different. I loved her like there will be no tomorrow… I made sure of not doing anything which will hurt her… I never had any female friend in 5 years of relationship. I put all in giving 100% of my loyality. But all she cared about Money and Reputation.

This break up turned me into a man with two personality, one who still loves her and second one, who hates her the most.

My peace of mind has gone and m not stable…I feel really bad about myself.

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Hllo Prashant let me also tell yoy my one story, i was also cheated by my boyfriend and i was also loyal to him and now i feel so stupid , And actually i think that when in that relationship i was so silly and not at all smart like how i am now. so i am know very much glad that i am not datjng that boy who was not good .It hurt so much in the beginning when i got to know but when i realise my self importance i stopped caring about those who hurt me, i hope you will also become like that soon ,i can feel your hurt and pain and anger. Sometime i also hate him for wasting my precious time but then i just try to change my mind whenever i get these thoughts


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