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One Sided LoveThought


I need you guys to help me out right now…

So I met this boy a year ago… we talked and stuff but then we had a separation of about 4-5 months. Lately we started talking again but he changed a lot, now he’s the kind of guy to play with girls and just flirt as a joke. We joked about falling in love with each other but I think I really am?

But this is the problem, he’s a person I met online, he probably just talks to a lot of girls and he definitely doesn’t like me that way. I’m stuck in this place of wanting to push him away so that I won’t get hurt or keeping him right now, enjoying the moment until I get hurt.

I don’t know… every time I pushed someone away it hurt me so much, but keeping them probably will hurt me more because I overthink. Yet I don’t want to leave them… please help.

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Thank you!

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