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I need to feel wanted I need someone to look at me and say  “damn girl u are it crazy but yo it” not just sexually but I’m good over all

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I get that feeling too gurllllll. You need that feeling sometimes when someone is in complete awe of you. I totally get that. It’s okay, it’s natural to feel wanted!!!

Rashmi @rashmimalhotra

Don’t we all. We all want to feel wanted.

Rahul Kanwar @rahulkanwar

I think you are not alone but feel lonely so try new experience of self love which never hurts you


You know, I feel the same. All my life I’ve been the one taking care of myself and being practically there for everyone. I saw all my friends getting into relationships, finding someone who treated them as a priority but I never ever found anyone. 
for once, even I want to be wanted. To be treated as a priority. To be loved.


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