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Demoninme @demoninme

I need to be fine
I need to
Otherwise this pain will make me do something I won’t be able to undo
It hurts badly. Like someone has ripped off a part of my body. And the worst thing is I don’t know where that pain is.
I have to be strong. I cannot take this pain anymore. I have to… I have to

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okaay!! You don’t need to do such things i mean whatever is coming in your mind.
Just calm down and believe me there is always a way.
I am here to help you in any way i can and there are many people for you.
Take your time for yourself and stay calm nothing can break a person other than him/her itself.
Share your things with me and i’ll help you in anyway i can.


Even I am suffering from the same problem m don’t worry everything will be fine soon

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Hari @haripriyaa

Listen. Just take a deep breath. Relax, it’s okay, everything happens for a reason. Every thing in this universe is destined. You can take time there is no hard and fast rule that you have to get alright within day or a week … there is no measure. You can take time. There will be a reason why all this is happening , you just need to know that. Just take time for yourself. Keep yourself engaged in work you like. Just listen some rock music. On your speaker, play your fav playlist and just dance it’s your life . give yourself a treat. Go and explore. Don’t waste your energy. You are a person full of vibes, no need to just sit and and feel negative about everything. Listen I have something for you this is my fav quote
“I wear heartbreak like 6-inche heels. Hurts like hell but I will make it look beautiful”
~cindy cherie


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