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I need someone to talk to and idk who to turn to. Im lost and I feel the only way out is dying or joining the military… but i cant pass the Asvab… and my mom and brother need me home but all I wanna do is leave

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Simran @st1199

Don’t stress out. It happens and you will overcome it. It happened with me too with no specific interest to pursue something as a career and lost as to what next. But, eventually, you get to know when you try to know things.
Start with listing what all you like, what interests you, what makes you curious, and most IMPORTANTLY satisfies you. Take 2-3 days to think and then research their scope options and where will it lead you in life.
After this, see from where can you start, where are the opportunities, and start applying. You will face more rejections than expected (assuming you are a working professional) or will score less (as a student) but you have to move on and NOT give up. You will succeed which will be the best for you.

Taking a step takes motivation and working hard for it requires will power. With both, you can do it. 💙


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