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i need some real help right now. i think i am experiencing burnout due to college stress and so mucj or pressure i cant even explain. i dont wanna be a part of this rat race but dude it’s so tough to keep up with all this madness. i just cant take so much of pressure. i have no idea how am i going to crack my entrancr exams i have no energy to study i am only stuck in this semester right here and next sem will be like this only and then my entrances are in my face. i am just not able to do anything. i need to go out, have some wuality time with friends, have a break but thanks to covid. also i dont even have time for break. i feel lonely all the time, i suck at time management and have nobody to have meaningful conversations with.

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Don’t overthink the things that is beyond your control. Learn to focus and discover yourself. Sometimes we forget that we can do a lot but we refused to acknowledge it because we afraid of disappointments and rejections. Start believing on yourself and you may not know someday you will be productive as you can be.



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Simran @st1199


I am too frustrated and done with this whole Covid thing and just want to go back to before this virus. But the Fact? We have to deal with it and accept it and work accordingly.
You can meet your friends once for a change but with precautions. Go for a walk and the cold air will make you feel good, give some clarity.

We all want to get on the TOP, I too want that but then I don’t force into such a manner that it affects my mental health or I just wish to end things and change the whole plan. We must try hard to get what we want and leave the rest. Sometimes we don’t even get it then but then something else is waiting for you which we realize afterward. Hang on, take deep breaths, start fresh.πŸ’›


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