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Nolan k @itsjustme17

I need some opinions and I need some help. So I’ve been dating this guy for about 3 months now but have known him longer obviously, and he treats me like gold he’s the first person that’s not toxic or abusive towards me. I got into this relationship knowing he was gay, but we had our “first time together” and everything seemed to be going well.
but just recently he now tells me that he loves me romantically but sexually he’s into men (and this is a month after our first time.) He said he wants to keep the relationship going and that he loves me but I’m scared that this will lead to cheating later…
Should I save myself more hurt, or should we work on our romantic relationship?

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EkKhoj @ek_khoj

I wouldn’t term it as a relationship. I simply call the so called person to be having you and the other gay friend for xxx

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OverThinker @shivamk320

He is basically bisexual if you know everything then there is no pont on cheating spouse if you are dating normal guy (not gay) then what is garanty that he doesn’t cheat you same with this guy who know what happened in future if you want to continue relationship its totally depends know think carefully before make any decisions because you already know we love everyone in different way and sexual need is necessary to everyone you know what i mean by this so i suggest you to talk him clearly like you both want in this relationship and how you both survive in this relationship like you say he in very caring so he can understand you dont be scared just go and talk all the best for you and i wish you have wornderful life ahead

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