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Robin LoRusso @anxious_rob...

I need some help here, any advice would be great 😌

I’m going to a folk festival with my grandparents. We are staying til Monday, which I don’t think I can handle. You see, I deal with generalized anxiety disorder. I tend to have a constant rush of anxiety flowing through me. I can’t get rid of it!! But, that’s not the point…
This anxiety is not gonna help with all the fighting that happens between the two them. For example, we were in the car today and they got so lost. They were yelling at each other and it was driving me nuts!! I have some music to help me, but I’m not to sure what else to do.

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Well with grandparents you just have to deal with it … Other than music , meditation might help … Or just ignore

bhagat @alankar

Go there and try to get solution for your problems.

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This thought has been deleted by the thought author

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