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I need some advice. Any kind is welcomed. Please

I have a friend and we’ve been best friend for let’s say 4 years and 2 years ago we had to go to different schools due to different fields of study.
Anyway we have the type of friendship were no matter the amount of time we do not speak we bounce back together easily.

Let’s call her Kiera. She’s a typical bagasse girl, and some people please excise my language calls her a b*tch.
And her and I are complete opposite but we’re still friend regardless.

However nowadays when we tal she doesn’t seem to want to talk to me and sometimes doesn’t open my messages for days unless I text her again during that time. And I always tell her to let’s hang out and she always says yes but then we never do.
I haven’t especially due to covid. And I always see her posting pictures on her status with her other friends and showing text messages that she’s had with other people.

And last week I told her let’s start exercising together since I know she wants to lose wait and I want to stay fit. That way we keep each other motivated and get a chance to reconnect. She read the message and told me she got to go cause there’s something she’s got to do and that she’ll message me later. She never did. And today I see her post multiple pictures with herself and one of her girl friends exercising together.
Am I looking too much into this or does it seem like she’s just humouring this friendship? Any advice is welcomed.


her in almost more than a yearphysically f year now

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Jatin Verma @jv

She’s bored of you. It happens due to friend circle gap and habitual urges. If you are so fixated then go for her friend and rebuild the bond. That will be too much so why don’t you have some other people’s company.


I don’t really have a lot of friends and I also get socially anxious sometimes.

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Jatin Verma @jv

if you have even one friend that’s enough. and if you don’t consider making then just don’t. I also don’t have any friends. I use my time in working out and develop skills.


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