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I need social advice. Being someone who’s been ignored by all the people around you. I thought I don’t need people to help me. I don’t care about people. But now that I’m in college and I sometimes suffer, a lot actually. People think I’m wierd. Whenever someone approaches me, I don’t want to talk to anyone. I don’t understand how they think. Whenever someone approaches me. My first thought is what do they want from me. I want friends. Real ones. I’ve you had 1 good friend and this person is not like very close to me. We are close, I’ve only had her around me so, we never hung out together. We are more like study mates who can talk to each other about anything. We still talk. I am a talented person. In school I didn’t really participate in anything, I used to think if the teacher want me they’ll notice me. But the study system is not very great. I am good at writing. Once we had poetry competitive(in English). My story got selected for the 50 year celebration magazine of my school. But when I saw my story there someone else’s name was written. Cant really do anything. I hate human beings. Because of all the politics that go around, even in school I never got What I deserved every time. In short id on’t like human contact. Someone tell what should I do. I always embarrass myself and then when people make fun of me. I don’t feel good. I’m in depression. Life is hard.

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You know this is indeed hard and in life you need people. Everyone needs friends and family. You might think you will be able to live to the full without anyone but you won’t and in fact you will be depressed. School might be a difficult place to find real friends in. I suggest trying to be more outgoing by joining the gym, a social club, a library, a meet up on your city, anything goes really. Maybe try to reach that friend you had before more often. If you’re good at writing, start a blog - even if just for yourself.

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You do sound as me ! especially with the good friend you have ! let me tell you what I’ve done so that we have become best friends : I texted her saying that I wish oir friendship is much stronger then it were … and then I felt a relief … I mean at least I’ve done my best !!! it is the same case here : If you are good on poetry write for someone a poem or for your friend as well … Take the advantage of what you have in your hands try to do teaching courses on how to write a good essay or poem ! and trust your heart … when you feel comfortable with certain people then take them as friends ,the other aren’t your concern ! I wish you all the best


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