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I need people to stop lying to me. Thats all I want I wish I could escape the pain that I feel everyday. I want it all to stop because im tired of believing the best in people only for me to get my heartbroken. I put so much damn trust into people only for me to be disappointed. My mental health is messed up and I just want genuine people in my life. 😭😭

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I’m have the same problem with my mom. I just try to protect myself like think carefully about what I said to people


it is impossible to be 100% honest, first because nobody is sure of who we are, where we came from and where we are going, we are here to try to find out, respect your parents, at one stage of our life we ​​think they are our super heroes, it’s normal to feel frustrated when we discover their first lies and weaknesses, we all make mistakes, including our super heroes.


I think that you need to contemplate why you want to trust people - what are you looking for? As stated by others, no one is perfect. It sounds like you’re trusting the wrong people with the information that you hold near and dear to you. What is it about them that makes you feel like you can trust them? Is there a trait that they all have (other than betraying you)?

If you truly feel like one or all of them are important enough to keep in your life, then talk to them. If they aren’t apologetic for hurting you then cut them loose.

It’s a difficult thing to do because we all, as humans, want a connection with people but in the end, if it’s detrimental to you, then that’s what has to happen.


Hi, I’m sorry for what all you are going through now. I hope that you will find peace soon.
And when it comes to this hurdle that u are facing, I just want to tell u few things.
You just cant control the others, no matter what u give and how many efforts u put . Believe me ,nobody can never force someone.
And I want to request u one thing that, please please try to think once from the other persons perspective if possible, maybe it seems impossible because of the anger and pain but please try
Because I was on the other side, and I had to lie in order to not to hurt the other person. I know that ,it will never justify for what I have done, I should have never lied, but only in order to save our relationship I had to lie. And I’m going through that repentance till now and I know that it will be there for my entire life even though I revealed the truth later. All I want to let u know is people do mistakes sometimes but please don’t judge their entire life based on the single mistake.
Because of that mistake I lost love of my life and I’m living with that guilt and pain and I have to live with that. But I really really love her with my entire heart. And now as I dont have any option, all I can do is sit and hope everything good for her.


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