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Aruvi @aruvi

I need help to move on my life. If trust my boy friend but he was ccheating me all the times, I’ll give many chances to change his character but he never change and hurt me alot . I need good caring friends becoz I’m not feeling well and my thinking also wrong way so pls give me a solution.

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anuj @anujvohra

Take care of yourself…and focus on your health and speak to your family and friends…

sahaya mary @killerbee

Please move on,
If he has cheated you multiple times then there is no point in going back to him.
You are trying to find the healing from the same person who is hurting you.
Divert yourself, talk to more friends, go back to your old life which you had before your bf. Take up new classes, try meditation.
But come out of the mess.

Aruvi @aruvi

I can’t do anything… Everyone busy with their life’s so no time to caring me,both mentally and physically not well

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Harsh @harsh_

U can talk to me buddy feel free to say any thing I’ll make sure we will try our best to sort out things 🤜🤛 my Tele id Heshh_08

Sandesh @cadbee

Take care yourself

Neeraj Kumar @neeraj5555

What do you do aruvi

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Suryank Singh @its_suryank

aruvi don’t be sad for such type of person …

love is not a life…
life is a love …
so love yourself and your life

Aruvi @aruvi

I love myself, really am very sensitive character and caring person…But i don’t know the reason y he was cheating me…he used my innocence.

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rohit mishra @rohitm1720

Aaj kl bohot se ese ladke hai jo jinhe sirf ladkiyon ka use krna ata hai or kuch nhi unhe koi frk nhi pdta ke kese ko kya feel hoga

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Suryank Singh @its_suryank

yes I’m agree with you

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rohit mishra @rohitm1720

Agar aap move on krna cha rahe ho tw apne apko busy rakho ya kisi ese ka sath dhundo jo hamesha apke sath rahein kabhi cheat na kare or wo karo jismai apko jyada khushi milti hai unke sath time spend karo jo apki care krtey hai

Sandesh @cadbee

U don’t need anyone… Just have fun with your family. Spend some quality time with them. U feel good. And what ever happened let them go…

Nazim Qureshi @nazy27q

Life is good when we are ready to accept things…see if ur not happy wiv ur bf just move on and forget…If u fall in mud is it good to stay in their and feel bad for urself or get up from der and search clean water to clean ur self.

Aruvi @aruvi

Tq Nazim

Amit Amit @amit86

To be my girl friend

ritik jaiswal @jaiswalriti...

I will understand ur situations n emotions
N i respect ur emotions but plzz
Just look at u and love yourself coz agr aap kisi aese se pyr kroge jo apko cheat kr gya n jo problems relation me face kri apne n me yhi khaunga dear love is not just a word
Yeah ! Nice n kind human exist in this world 🌎 n love also but love is not for human beings coz humans can’t afford good things :_…


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