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I need help, I have 2 major projects, one is due in 12 days the other in 20. I was sick the past 7-10 days like can’t get out of bed sick still am somewhat. My teammates didn’t even say hi to each other in our groups and everything was left for last minute and now that I feel like I have to start all of it and study what I missed and study for the exams coming up I feel so stressed can someone help me on what to do. I still feel sleepy after sleeping for so long and thats also stressing me out. how can I finish all of this before classes start in 12 days and more workload comes my way.

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Hi, as you said you have teammates so I would suggest you to take some extra help from them. Tell them that you were sick for a very long time and that the work will have to be divided accordingly. It’s okay to ask for help even if you don’t want to! Also, projects and exams are not the end of the world. Please don’t be super stressed about them and deteriorate your health. Take care of yourself!


hey i can help you out with your projects
but i want to know the project what is it about topic
can you explain me about it .


thank you for the offer, I wish I saw this sooner but I’m done now so alls well that ends well I guess.


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