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i need emotional support and healthy suggest too i dk how to deal and where to get though i mean someone had a crush on me but now it’s too late for me make up this stuff and now every time i feel regret bcz its my fault she tried to express her feeling i really want to accept the proposal thou bcz its my first time someone say this stuff from thier heart but i have some reason which i can’t now regret kills from inside its feels like i cheat someone else feelings and i don’t think deserve someone for several years and regret will kill me from the inside till the end of my day i am not kidding i swear .

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Rashael @rashael

Don’t…it is very natural…it happens with a lot of ppl outta…try …calm urself first…stop blaming urself…nd talk to the person…okay…ALL THE BEST

Piyush Jaiswal @junkie_

I think you should talk to her or him and apologize for whatever u done which hurt him or her


I tried to talk but I can’t even friend too now
But regret part and word kills me inside

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