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I need a partner to talk to, can someone talk to me? I’m super alone and need someone. Ik i am ugly but trust me i can be caring


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Hey bro!
I’n here we can talk

Hi, thanks for replying .


Hey! First off, you’re not at all ugly… why’d you even think that. So, what’s up?

Because girls bully us by saying we are ugly, it happens to us also.


I’m sorry you’ve to go through this. But I don’t think that’s true, do not heed such things and keep in your heart. Okay bud?

Idk what am I. I’ve always been betrayed by everyone, family, love, friends. I’ve always been caring and understanding and in the end i felt like I’ve been used. My brain laughs at me for this and I can’t stop imagining things. I just wanna be loved that’s all. I need someone to talk to and stay beside me.


This has been rough… but let me tell you, you are worthy of so much love. I know it’s not easy but try not holding on these thoughts. You will for sure find someone who’d truly love and care for you, exactly the way you want. Till then we are here for you.

Hey bro whatsup!?
There is nothing like ugly or good looking. You need to take care of yourself in your daily life, mental and physical health and that’s it. Then go work on whatever you are working.
This ugly - not ugly shit will take you nowhere except to waste your time and life, so move on from it.

I can understand but it’s like my brain talks to me, he laughs at me for being betrayed by everyone. It makes me imagine things that I cannot stop. He laughs at me and makes me feel like killing myself. His laughs gives me chills sometimes


Heyy don’t say that . Now you are in a family where looks don’t matter .you are beautiful in and out . We need beautiful soul like you .

Family? No one’s there for me. My parents are separated and they call me a loser, my friends left me and never talk to me, it’s been 4 years since i talked to them. The girl i loved so much betrayed me and even after that so many people i loved left me, my brain laughs at me for this. Why is it that i am so paranoid and caring for others but they don’t treat me like that. I haven’t been loved by anyone for so many years i just need someone by my side.


Find even one friend who will be your side .even one is enough. Randomly msg someone in your contact list. If you are working somewhere you can find a friend in your colleague.