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I moved to a new city with a happy refreshing mind, just like every other girl out their. I had a breakup with my partner, with whom i was in a long distance relationship because he thought it is not working and that too on the day, when I moved to the same city he was in. Because, the distance was quite visible among us.
He kept checking on my well being, tried to get in touch and finally we met. and it all started again. The things were good, we started hanging out on each other’s place and suddenly one day I came to know, that while we were on break he was dating other girl and for a month, it was quite of double dating . I broke it off… He is quite a descent guy but this incident which he tells is a biggest mistake just happened.

We again met, i couldn’t get over him. It was he, who approached me again, asked me to forgive him and I couldnt say no. I dont know why but I could see that the relationship was going on a one side way because, he was not feeling the same like e used too. I came back home for a vacation, and he didnt even let me hug me. He least cared about me. I am a short tempered person and that created problems because, i got so insecure and obsessed that i cant control myself if i dont hear from him.
Eventually we had a bad fight and he broke with me.
I twas for a month that i was goin through anxiety attacks. because, I wanted to talk to him.
After few days , he became normal he messaged me… and we started talking very casually…
I dont know what happened but now the things are too good to be true… i finally have that sweet relationship with him. it is no more a one sided thing.
but, i am afraid… i am afraid to get close to him, that he might call it off again.
i had a word with him on this , and he said that he loves me he want to be with me… and i also see a change in me… but i cant talk out any of the things from my mind which happened earlier I love him but i am also afraid, that i dont want to get into the same position where i once was…
I am with him, but there is a fear of what if it happened again…
And i really dont know… what should I do… I dont think i can leave him but I am so afraid. Everyday, m falling more for him and getting more afraid at the same time…
I tried convincing myself, that it was the past… and the present is good but I can’t…
Please help me!

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