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Aster Flores @lee10

I moved away from my ex-girlfriend because she didn’t want to have a relationship with me anymore but she wanted us to keep in touch and my emotional stability began to be affected. She told me that I had ghosted her for not answering her a few calls and then sending her a text telling her that I had to walk away and heal. I feel very guilty now for my decision but she doesn’t realize that we were no longer a couple and I don’t know if I was right to get away like that. I felt like she was playing with my feelings even though we were not a couple anymore. I still have feelings for her and she was so chill and I was so overwhelmed.

Help please!

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You did the right thing by telling her that you needed space to heal. As long as you said that, she’ll have to understand that you need time and after time has past, you can talk again.

Aster Flores @lee10

Thank you so much, Im so overwhelmed but your words make me feel relieved. I was feeling so guilty cuz she said that I was ghosting her when we weren’t a couple anymore so. I was just there waiting and feeling less and not wanted.


I’m going through the same with my ex. It’s not easy and it hurts a lot and you question literally everything. But I’m slowly starting to realize that right now we need our space to heal - however long it takes. You can’t really speed anything up or push the other into something they don’t want. Let things take their natural course and you focus on yourself first.

Aster Flores @lee10

I appreciate your words, thank you. You are right, I can’t rush things now, time will say


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