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. @shiny_oxygen_3

I miss you, but I know i have to just be with this situation. more than you i miss the bond we had. And i know i won’t be able to make that bond again with someone else. I hope i will reach a point where I won’t even recognise who you were because that’s what’s good for me. But things never go the way we want. But it’s ok . Take care

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Ansh @_ansh

I feel the same but am blank that what now

. @shiny_oxygen_3

I also don’t have that answer friend. Just trying to make my carrier better

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I feel you… I just broke up with my bf a week ago. Even though we were happy together for 3 years I know this is not what I will want in the future. It is very hard to pass days. I miss him so much but the only thing that is keeping me strong is that Im doing this for the future me. I have to trust myself to get through this and you have to too! Sending you lots of love ❤️

. @shiny_oxygen_3

All the best, and thank you


One day u will realise why it was necessary to happen.


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