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I miss you Amber. You were right I’m sorry to put you through all this sh!t. I swear I had no idea you would fall in love with me. I thought it was us just messing around because we were both betrayed & single now. Yes there was a moment where I felt for you but I scolded myself and made myself stop Because no way someone like you would fall for me. I genuinely loved you I loved how easy it was to talk to you how easily we would get along how we could talk for hours and hours and how you understood me more than myself. I was stupid to not understand you had feelings for me too. I’ve already had a place for you deep in my heart and i always will. I wish I could tell you all this myself fix things between us tell you how much I adore you. But we aren’t in touch anymore and i have no idea how to contact you. I’ve tried whatever I could to reach you out but nothing worked. I really miss you I love you Amber

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