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Kashika @kashika

I miss those days when happiness did not need any excuse. I miss those days when sadness had no room, those days, when I could laugh without the fear of being judged by others. I feel unusually melancholy over the thought of growing up so fast. Now I realise how valuable those days were when I had absolutely no tension or infringement. I could swing for as long as I wanted, I could run at my best speed, I could laugh like a maniac and live freely. If I look back I can see a sweet girl doing crazy stuff and being happy like there was no sadness in the world. I want to be carefree and relax like I was at that time. I want to give away all my sadness and bitterness in exchange for love and happiness. I want to do something remarkable and I want to be remembered by people specially by those who matter to me. Not essentially in studies- I believe our emotions and values overpower any amount of education we have- but through my way of living. I do not want any external influence, I want to be able enough to take my decisions on my own. I have never really thought how I see myself as a person. I just know that whoever I am I mean something to someone. If only I could get my childhood days backโ€ฆ I would give anything to be able to live that we yet again.

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