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I miss sex with my ex, he was a complete cheater, fraud and toxic person but the sex was amazing. Which is why I am afraid that I will never feel the sex to be satisfying with my current partner. I kinda subconsciously compare the past experience with the present one. What do I do please tell me. I don’t want to loose my current partner as he is a great person and I really adore him. But it feel wrong to compare or think of my past experience, but I don’t think I will be able to have that sort of chemistry with anyone else in my life again. Please tell me how do I deal with this situation?

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Simran @st1199

It’s normal to have this feeling of comparison. Everyone does it and so did you. But, you can’t take it as a lifetime thing, right? I want something like my ex or wished he was here with me for sex. You need to move forward.

Talk to your partner about this. Sometimes letting it out makes you feel light and more comfortable because he will be there for you to help you get this thing out.
You really don’t have any option rather than accepting the fact and saying to yourself that it was in the past and lets’ keep it there only. Don’t let it ruin the present relationship which you may regret In the future.


Youu can talk to your current partner of ways to improve your sex life. He can do some things to spice your sex life


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