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Anonymous @anonymouzzzz

I miss my wife.
I read post from different people going through bad phases of their lives.

I try to tell myself that I am not the only one in this world. There are genuine problems in the world out there.
i feel cheated. I tried hard to talk to other women, girls I meet in bars and all. But I miss. there’s nobody like her.
I am finding love jo eternal ho!
koi aisi jo mujeh chod kar na jae kabi bi

I saw so many posts where woman stay with their husbands even when they cheat them. but Mine was so happy to have it. our marriage lasted for 2 and half years.
I miss her.

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Why did she leave tho

Anonymous @anonymouzzzz

we used to fight alot. I don’t know why Indian parents get their children marry people they don’t wanna get settled with. She was in love with her ex. She had pictures and used to video call him in my absence. I tried alot to get her away from her memories but one day she compared me with him. Can’t say, i guess something ended that day inside me. i asked her for divorce and she agreed the very first time. so after 1 and hal year, we separated our lived.


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