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I miss my parents so bad. I miss coming home during breaks. I miss listenting to loud music with them, talking about art with my dad, arguing with my mom, i miss cooking with her and singing with them, i miss hearing my dad sing, i miss my siblings, i miss seeing them regularly and watching them grow. I miss being happy, and having a family. I miss feeling like im home, i miss eveything so fucking bad and it hurts so much. It hurta that my parents wont admit their mistake and try to fix things, i cant fix everything, i cant make everyone happy…

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nostalgia is the most powerful thing in this world.
if you feel like you need to fix things then you are wrong. they are two different people and their thoughts don’t match and fixing that is not a viable option and also cannot be done.
what you can definitely do is to be happy around them even if they are separated.
parents thrive to be happy when their children are happy around them. just being happy around may change the whole scenario.
I wish you all the happiness in the world


Thank you so much, it has been a very overwhelming week. Ill try to listen to your words amd stop punushing myself so much

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Simran @st1199


I haven’t been in your place where I have to leave them and stay somewhere else but sooner or later I have to and it scares me even today.

But the things which makes me going and you can try too is- :)
1. I have to live an independent life and learn everything without having a mom besides me for anything and everything.
2. I want freedom which I didn’t while staying home.
3. I want to gain more responsibility and learn how to do every daily household/outdoor work without the need of help. From purchasing sabzi to fruits to bargaining the prices to learn the art of spending at the right place and saving for long time and many other small things.
4. I can open my gallery and see photos to go back into memories and talk to them over VC.

I hope it gives you a new perspective and everytime you feel homesick you can visit them or Video Call and have daily chats with them. To the part on admitting their mistake, I don’t know the indept but I suggest you talk to them, tell how you feel and say it makes you feel sad everytime you think of it.


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