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I miss my ex so much. He has no idea how much damage he has caused. This is unfair.

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There can be very harsh fallouts at the end of relationships, they often leave a person devestated. But you need to start looking at the bright side now because no matter how comfortable the past was it is now your past. I have dealt with break ups too, its fair to say that they do seem unfair in the beginning, you keep looking for that one person to show up in your life again but they often don’t. I once told this to friend and I am gonna tell you the same thing, You were at your best in that relationship and somehow that still wasn’t enough for him, so its time to stop looking back and carry yourself forward. Yes you are not together anymore and yes he was once an inseparable part of your life but if you take a leap of faith forward believing in yourself that you can, you’ll soon see a silver lining. Most importantly start accepting the fact that you can’t change anything and believe in yourself that somehow you can be the difference creator for yourself


Time is the only prescription to a broken heart. Everyone’s been in that position and typically they either go one of 2 ways either: Get attached to another individual quickly after the break up which usually doesn’t work bc of the way spur of the moment emotions are, or they take time to enjoy life by themselves feeling the loss of another person in their life and coming to terms with it over time.
it’s not easy to handle such significant leaving in one’s life but there’s always someone better waiting out there for you. Relationships don’t always workout bc the universe knows there’s someone better for you out there so just keep looking up and remember not everyone’s meant for each other.
You’ll find someone, someday and you’ll love them for the rest of your life, I promise you that


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