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I miss my ex, like soo much.
And it hurts so much that I know he doesn’t even think of me and I just feel sad because it’s been a year since we broke up. I know your advice would be like move on, maybe he wasn’t the right person for you stuffs like that. And I tried, every time I try to forget him, memories just come back and makes me feel sad. I think he has another gf but I dunno. I really miss him and I wouldn’t really care if we just talk like friends. I just want him in my life, I want him to talk to me. This hurts!!

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Hooman :) @canihelpyounoto...

Breakups are never easy. Healing isn’t a competition. It doesn’t matter who heals first, my best advice is to think about the things that made you happy before you met him. Do those things to get your rhythm back and make you feel like yourself again. Take it one day at a time and don’t be so hard on yourself when you feel down


I totally understand you people do just say it’ll get better but the question is when ? I think they’ll always have a spot in our heart and mind and it is hard to forget but maybe forgetting isn’t the answer it is more remembering why yall broke up and I know it doesn’t make you feel better but there is nothing else to do they are living their life so why must you suffer while they could care less about you. I know I know it is definitely easier said then done but maybe you are just lonely if its been a year already they might not even be who they were when they were with you anymore they might be different and even though talking with them as friends sounds nice it actually would be more painful because things would get blurry does he love me again? did he say that because he likes me ? we start overthinking and they just do not care because if they did they would have tried to stay and you may never get over him entirely and that’s fine because there was a time in life when you did not even know this guy and you were smiling and laughing hopefully you get to be happy again .


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