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nadine @user267

I met this online friend who we share some things in common and at first everything goes well until he keeps asking me to call him so we can talk, so I gave in and we call and I enjoy it but I told him that I’m getting tired and I need to go to bed and he kept insisting “5 more minutes” and I kept saying that I need to get some sleep.

Since he wouldn’t stop I decided to hang up and I know it wasn’t that nice to just hang up but I kept telling you that it’s time for me to go and you wouldn’t listen.

Ofc he got mad and said some things along the lines of this:

“ Don’t hang up like that…”, “I am literally not ok”,

I then explained that I can’t stay up and had to end the call, he responds with this:
“Answer it…”, “I can’t believe you just hung up on me like that”
I then explained that I didn’t mean to and he says this:
“Yeah you did.” And then proceeds to call me again, I told him that I am sorry but he didn’t believe me and I’m used to being am manipulated and walked on but someone please tell me if I am.

I feel like I am.

We get along then we argue and I keep telling him that our personalities clash and he doesn’t even seem to listen to me, and then I fall for it again and we make up and continue talking and it’s this endless cycle.

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5 replies

Bruh…don’t give in…leave that guy…he is manipulative…


Runnnnnnnnnnnn and be grateful you got a change to get out of this toxicity before it’s too late


That’s toxic

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owl @nightowl_91

Classic example of being in something toxic

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Land of Blues @landofblues

Hi Nadine…welcome here. You have been so much there for him, but the still expects more from you. He even accuses you of it.

It looks like what it isnt. Please leave it.


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