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I met this guy when I felt I could never love again. He made me feel something real and true, he opened up my heart again when I felt completely numb. Turns out he had no feelings for me at all and he cannot stand me, I meant absolutely nothing to him. My heart has been ripped out of my chest. It physically hurts. I just wish the pain would stop. I know it gets easier with time. I just wish I could be numb right now though.

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Hi Bella,
Sometimes you love someone and doesn’t get the same in return.This is the thing that happens with most of the people now a days.But thats not the point right. I can understand the pain of yours.
when you love someone deeply and the person really don’t even bother. That is where you back off.That’s really poisonous for you.Β 
I know it pains like hell from inside. You might want your heart to get rid of your body.Time might heal everything but it is you who can stop the pain right away from now. I want you to cry your heart out. Tell this to someone who really cares about you. It is okay to cry and mourn. It can be a friend or family or just someone. Don’t let that poison eat you from inside.
It’s easy to find someone to love but it’s way more difficult to find someone who loves you back the same way. Trust me you will have your time. Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you feel like no one is there to listen to you, I will listen to you. You can reach me out on insta sourabhv_61.

Khushboo @khushboo


Hello, we don’t get everything in life what we want. So it’s not always possible that the person we love ,loves us back. I can understand you, it’s really heart breaking. But don’t just struck yourself here. The pain will heal soon and you will feel better. Stay positive.


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