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I met someone through matrimony few months back. My big brother and I met with his family and all was going super fine, he was quite interested in me… He used to message me a lot but i was confused about starting conversation since due to some reasons my parents hadnt met him and i was scared of being too close emotionally with him. After about 7 months my parents who live quite far from here came here and met the guy and his family… They liked him a lot and family as well. When i was given second chance to talk to him… I had to talk to his cousin sister as well… Our thoughts clashed this time… I am a working girl and i demanded helping hands for the household chores and as well i made it clear that i will be doing 70 percent of the household work and 30 percent to be done by the guy… This wasnt appreciated by his family… They totally misunderstood me… They thought i m someone who is not going yo helping at all in household chores. They denied to move further. My problem now is i cant stop myself thinking about the guy. I dont know what are his thoughts about this matter, i have no contact with him now but i really do miss him. I dont whether its an obsession or something else!!


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Just try to sought it … discuss the issue make him understand some how try to find a common ground …best of luck🌻


Thank you so much for your advice😊😊


u really really need to talk to him
just find a way to remember that if there is will there is way u talk him


Thank you😊😊