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i met few friends after 3 months. i felt empty.like have nothing to say, nothing to talk about. Just silence. i was driving in a way where i felt i was in rush.rush to go to nowhere. we reached the place.sat down.all started talking.i was feeling like i am observing all.like its a dream. i was not interested in anything they were talking about.all things looked more like surface level talks, that i was not intrested in. everyone started talking picture.again i felt there is no need of this. there was some kind of rush in my mind. As soon as pictures were done i was again driving for some time in rush. Along the way everyone decided to stop at a coffee shop n get some coffee. I told everyone that i had dome work so i will mot be able to go for coffee and left… As i came back i was like it was not worth meeting… I felt empty.


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It’s a phase where we feel blank
Interested in absolutely nothing be it meeting friends listening music watching series r even doing what we love
There must be something in your mind which overpowering your mind


Absolutely right! There comes a phase where we don’t find happiness or satisfaction in anything.


@kushgpt nothing in specific that is going in my mind. But somehow i feel sad and want to cry but dont know the reason. I feel like i have to rush, do things quickly but I don’t know where i have to go. Because of this i have been driving rashly


@anonymous i completely agree with this. I feel meeting people friends is just a formality that i have to do because i cannot say no.
I had no desire to go… So i was not properly dress and didn’t care how i looked.

That’s what I am saying these really fucks up our mind and we intend to do what we are not supposed too.
Like during this of mine I used to be hyper all time even in small things I used to shout and now that phase is slowly fading away but it comes back few time and I go back being hyper and annoyed all the time
I tried distracting my mind from the things that were annoying and I made my mind to think that those things are going to happen it’s me who needs to adapt to those things and somehow it’s working

@anonymous the second one
It’s nothing like that if u want around people who matter and u wants to talk them
But these phase holds u back and keeps u silent people around u gonna crack a joke or make fun of each other u gonna just sit there faking ur smile


You should have enjoyed… They’re your friends right…
Is there any other thought in your mind?? Which is bothering you??

It’s a state where we don’t feel like enjoying been dealing with it from last lockdown


its okay to feel this way,sometime our vibes does not match/connect.