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I met a guy on omegle and he’s cute and nice but all he wants to do is sext or just talk about stuff like that 90% of the time. He’s scared to bond with me.

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happy @8765

talk to him about it. Know what he wants from you !

VJ @vjeshna10

Don’t waste your time on someone who’s not worth it

xyz @raccoon13

do you think he really likes you for you if all he wants to do all day long is sexting? I highly doubt that. maybe talk to him about how you don’t like this and would want you both to become a bit close, if he actually acts on it then yes maybe he does like you and if not and simply ghosts you then you gotta find someone who is worth your time.

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He isclear with what he wants from the relationship. Its time you make uo your mind and tell him what you want. If theres mismatch you need to move apart

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He’s not scared, he just want sex/sext .


He seems like a red flag to me. If you’re looking for love don’t be with him


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