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I met a guy around March last year…we started seeing each other…in these 10 months he has ended things between us quite a multiple number of times…he ends things in the morning saying it is not working out…and at night comes back in night saying sorry as he was not in good mood…once he randomly stopped talking to me…I tried contacting him not replied me back not took my calls…removed me from everywhere and now after 4 months he texts me that he has committment issues and wants to get back…I don’t know what happened to me and I forgive him and we started seeing each other again…and not to my surprise he again stops talking to me and now again comes back…I have tried having the conversation with him that he should decide whether he wants me in his life or not…everytime he says yes he wants and again cuts me off from him life whenever he wants…I don’t know what should I do.

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Anonymous •

That had happened to me before, so I understand what situation you are facing right now.
First of all, he does not deserve you,and you deserve way better than him.
Since LRD is very hard and you both know that. I also can see that you are the only one who is trying to keep it and trying so hard to make it work but not him. His feeling is unstable and you cannot put your heart which is the most important of your on an ureliable guy. He is kind of guy who can ont make his mind for what he wants in life. Believe me, you deserve better. I Know who much you love him and you always ready to forgive hime whenever he is ready.
BUT he will nwvwe be really ready to make his choice. Likewise, if he really wants you, he will NEVER EVER let you go.
I know it’s hard to cut someone you really love, but please look at youeself and consider that you also deserve someone that will love you as much as you love him.
Move on…there is the one who deserve you are waiting for you but not this one

Anonymous •

I have been trying to move on from this relationship…but it’s so hard to cut of people you love. I know he never treated me well. He would not talk to me for days and when I asked he would say that he was busy with work. And if I was busy with work and would not reply him immediately he would be mad at me. I don’t why I always forgive him when he comes back knowing that he would do it again.

Anonymous •

That’s because you love him, and his love toward you is not enough for you to deserve. Belive me whenever you can move on you will cleary see you deserve better.