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I meet my girlfriend once in a month or sometimes we dont, this time I surprised her and then she was way more than casual with her bestfriend which made me feel jealous which I then told her that I didnt like that, I was feeling jealous but I didnt tell her to stay away from him or anything else, but she got offended and said I have hurt her and she then took a break from me saying ur words effect me

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Why do you only see her once per month ?


coz we study in different college and we can hardly get time and since it is our clg days we dont want to miss that


Jealousy is a thread of the need for control, and exclusivity. Deeper down it suggests insecurity of who you are. You may have formed identity with what you are by mistake, as this would render you to be a subject of your achievements and status instead of your authentic worth. Your authentic worth is priceless. It is God-given! Dont doubt! Ask questions


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